University Apartments

Location University District

Common Encounters:

Random, Low-level people.

Special Encounter:

Response Type:

SWAT team

Valid Disguises:

Police Uniform

[U]seable Tiles:


Site Issues:


Loot to be found:

Cellphone (~18%)
Silverware (~18%)
Trinket (~18%)
Cheap jewelry (~18%)
Laptop (~18%)
Clothing (~5%): cheap suit/dress, clothes, trenchcoat, work clothes, clown suit, elephant suit, donkey suit.
Weapons (4%): baseball bat, .38 rev., .44 rev., nightstick, guitar.


Mid-level apartments costing $650 a month. University apartments have better heat dispersal than Industrial apartments but are not as good as Downtown apartments. To rent a room, you need to [T]alk to the landlord.

Disguises are unnecessary when in the hallways of an apartment complex, as they are considered open to all. The only valid disguise in apartments is the Police Uniform, and trespassing while wearing one will cause a penalty to you disguise check.

The University District
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