Vegan Co Op

Under Construction

Location University District

Common Encounters:
Hippie: 35% +/- 4%
College Student: 35% +/- 4%
Musician: 13% +/- 3%

Other Encounters:
Highschool Dropout: 5% +/- 2%
Teenager: 3% +/- 1%
Yoga Instructor: 2%
Author: 1%
Sculptor: 1%
Transient: 1%
Painter: 1%
Dancer: 1%
Mathematician: 1%
Art Critic: 1%
Music Critic: 1%
Teacher: 1%
Liberal Judge: 1%

Response Type:
SWAT Teams

Valid Disguises:

[U]seable Tiles:

Site Issues:

A bastion of liberal strength, Liberal hippies can always be found hanging about in the Vegan Co-Op not eating meat and quietly smoking the latest breed of cannabis on the market. Low-level recruits can be found here with ease.

This is a public place. No disguise is required here.

University District

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Cosmetics Lab Vegan Co-Op Juice Bar Internet Cafe
The Park
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