Write for the Liberal Guardian

Writing for the Liberal Guardian is a legal (or illegal depending on the free speech laws) activity and a form of Liberal Activism that boosts the Writing skill very slowly and is more effective at influencing Public Opinion the higher the Writing skill is. Writing for the Liberal Guardian has three times the impact on Public Opinion that Write to Newspapers has. To have the option to write for the Liberal Guardian, you need to own your own newspaper that you set up by deciding to Invest in a location and spending $3,000 on the one-time fee for starting up your own newspaper (which is called the Liberal Guardian), and a character must be physically located at a safehouse with a printing press in order to write for the Liberal Guardian.

Day-to-day writing for the Liberal Guardian ensures that the LCS' actions receive fair & accurate reporting, and that any Conservative Criminal Rampages are reported as the EVIL they are. If Free Speech is Arch-Conservative, though, writing the dailies is a count of Harmful Speech, per day.

If you have a Printing Press and suitable source material present at the Press' location, you'll be prompted to run a Special Edition at the end of the month. You need not have anyone present at the press' location to write up a Special Edition—if there's no staff assigned, the game assumes the Founder/Leader takes a night to write it up and do a print run.

Items that prompt a special edition

Warning: publishing these is considered treason for everyone at the Printing Press(es) location(s):

Sleepers can deliver the relevant Records, Evidence, Documents, Files, Papers, or Memos.

Publishing a special edition will offend the relevant group, making that group more likely to attack the site where the Liberal Guardian is published. Bear in mind that if the site does not have heat, most assault groups will be unable to locate it, and therefore you will not be attacked. Notable exeption are the Firemen, who will raid you even without heat.

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